ET to the dishwasher

And fix the frickin thing little mister.

dishwasher unbound

The Bosch, exploded view. I called for a new heating module, and they charged me! Bastids.

Ah well. Let’s just leave it for Tour 3…sharp guys…they’ll get it tightened up.

dishwasher tour 3


Mes vacances est terminée


Or so I’m told. Was nice while it lasted, but now it’s tote that barge…fill that wheelbarrow. Thing about an 1820’s house…there’s been plenty of time to hack it. The quick’n’dirty gravel patio has been dialed up to ‘extra crummy’ since we got here. Now it’s mustgo.


Starting to scrape it up. Gravel must go from here to there:

truck ramps

Progress is slow.

scraping gravel

Why doesn’t the wheelbarrow work? What can go wrong with a…wheelbarrow?

wheelbarrow jam

The front strap jamming against the tire is what…

The wonders unearthed. Where’e my minion when you need him?

patio approach

Would be nice if Mr. Yang would tighten up across the street.

across Marlboro

effin lovely

across marlboro 2

At least Sally keeps it strac:


Dryer Venting – Aluminum vs. Plastic

When it comes to venting dryers, semi-rigid aluminum is the way to go.  Lint buildup + plastic tubing = fire hazard.  Lint can still combust in aluminum ducting, but at least it’s confined in something less flammable than plastic.

New Skool:

Aluminum venting duct

Old Skool:

plastic venting

Flooring Day!

3 pieces of OSB, 3 cuts, one floor.  No waste; what’s not to like?

OSB is maybe not the best choice for flooring–PT 3/4″ plywood, anyone? Not at $33 a slab, thanks.  OSB at HD popped from $11 to $20 a piece in the past year.  That’s plenty for this project. Thank Gollum the gummint assures us there’s no inflation!

Tongue in groove will work for us to ensure the joints flex the least, as some of them will not land on joists. The three cuts at the end should land on the two blocks put in there.

All screwed down with 2 1/2″ deck screws on the joists every 12″.  Should hold.

deck built

deck built

There’s some overage at the end.



Board & Batten Time

Our siding is to some extent pre-holed, so we put deck screws in those holes to hit the studs or blocks.  Most of the old lumber fits the new structure, but we have to use new lumber on the sides.  Most all of the old batten materil turns out to be too short, so we rip new battens from old boards.

Roof Framing

The first rafter is a bit of cut and fit, then it’s the template for the next 8, on 24 in. centers.

Cut the sidewall header at 26 1/2 degrees, nail up with 16d common nails.   Drop a plumb bob to the bottom plate where the side studs should go. 

2×6″  purlins go every 24″.   The end ones are ripped to 26 1/2 deg. to fit the

Scarf the Sill

At 12 ft. the leftover decking is too short  so we’ll use a boatbuilder’s trick to get out 16 ft. sill.  Cut the pieces at a 45 degree angle.  Clamp the pieces to our ‘workbench’ loosely.  Moisten the mating ends, apply Gorilla Glue.  Tap together gently–24 hrs. later we’ve got lumber!.  Trim to size and down they go.